ASAA Championships – Mass Start

The second event of the ASAA Nordic Ski Championships is the mass start event. The distances for this event are 10Km for boys and 7.5Km for girls.  This event alternates between classic technique and free technique from one year to the next.  The order of the genders also alternates between one year and the next.

In this event all skiers start at the same time.  A skier’s finish rank in the interval start event on Thursday determines his or her start position and bib number in Friday’s mass start event.  The winner on Thursday starts with bib #1 in position #1; the runner up with bib #2 in position #2, etc.  All the skiers are placed in specific start positions in the starting grid, or chevron.

For 2019 the mass start event will be held in free technique.  The girls’ 7.5Km will start at 11:00AM and the boys’ 10Km will start at 1:00PM.  Both races will be held on two-lap courses.

A skier’s results in the interval start event and the mass start event are combined to determine the ASAA Skimeister.

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