ASAA Championships Relays

The 2022 ASAA State Cross Country Skiing Championships will be held on the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area hosted by Lathrop High School Malemutes, and organized by the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 24-25-26.

The final events of the ASAA Nordic Ski Championships are the relays. The distances for this event are 4x5Km for boys and 4x3Km for girls.  The first two legs of the relay are held in classic technique, and the last two legs are held in free technique. The order of the genders alternates between one year and the next.

In this event the lead-off skiers for all teams start simultaneously.  Their bib numbers and start positions are assigned based upon their ranking after the first two days of competition (interval start plus mass start).  The first team across the finish line is the winner of the relay, but that team may not be the state champion team.

For 2022 the girls’ 4x3Km will start at 11:00AM and the boys’ 4x5Km will start at 2:00PM.  There will be separate courses for the classic legs and the skate legs.  The final awards ceremony will take place shortly after the conclusion of the relays.

The sum of the times for the first four skiers for each team in the two individual events is added to the team’s relay time to determine the team’s final ranking in the championships.


The ski stadium of the Jim Whisenhant Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area is one of the best places in the world to watch ski races.  A spectator can stay in the stadium or walk 100m-200m and see competitors multiple times over the duration of the competition.  Because the course comes and goes so frequently to and from the stadium, and because specatators are so close to the action our spectator policy is this:  SPECTATING IS ALLOWED ON FOOT ONLY – SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SKIS.  This is to ensure the safety of the competitors, as well as to ensure a fair competition for all.  We appreciate your adherence to this policy.

Links to information for all days of the championships

Relay Event Information

NOTE:  Start time for the Boys 4x5Km Mixed Technique Relay has been changed from 2PM to 1PM.

Download Relay Team Entry FormDue at Start of Friday Coaches’ Meeting – Return via E-mail as an Excel file ONLY

Team Captain’s Meeting #3 PowerPoint Presentation

TCM 3 Presentation (PDF)   without weather information
TCM 3 Presentation (PowerPoint) [download}

Girls Course Information

  Girls Course Map (both courses)
  Girls Stadium Diagram (both courses)
  Start/Finish Detail

Boys Course Information

  Boys Course Map (both courses)
  Boys Stadium Diagram (both courses)
  Start/Finish Detail

All Course Information

  Complete Relay Course Info Packet

Entry Lists and Start Lists

  Relay Start List (PDF)
  Girls Start List – Zone4 Online Version
  Boys Start List – Zone4 Online Version

2022 Relay and Final Results

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  2022 Girls Leg Rankings
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2019 Relay and Final Results

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2018 Relay and Final Results

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