Buetow Dental Distance Series #2
The January Jaunt
Saturday, January 9 or 16 or 23, 2021 (final date to be determined based on Alaska competition calendar)

The second race in the Buetow Dental and Pangaea Health Distance Series is the January Jaunt.  The race distance is 20Km, but with a 10Km option for those interested in a shorter distance.  All skiers start at 11:00AM.

The technique for this event alternates from one year to the next.  For the 2020-21 season, this race will be held in classic technique.

2019-20 Season Free Technique
2020-21 Season Classic Technique
2021-22 Season Free Technique
2022-23 Season Classic Technique
2023-24 Season Free Technique

All registration for this event is online, with payment by credit card.  Entry fees are $15 for NSCF members and $20 for non-members through midnight Thursday prior to the race.  After that date, entry fees increase to $25.  Race day entry is available, but it will also be via online registration, with payment by credit card.

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Course Description:

The course will start in the stadium, go up the Ramp, out Relay Alley, and turn down the Outhouse Loop.  The course takes the first cutoff on the Outhouse Loop (the “Upper House” cutoff), then goes out Sunnyside to the Section Line cutoff, at which point it takes a sharp left and returns to the Outhouse Loop.

After finishing the Outhouse Loop, the course takes a right and does the remainder of the Relay Loop, goes down the Ramp, turns right and comes up the East Ramp, then enters the Tower Loop.  The course follows the Tower Loop to the upper end of Tower Direct, then turns sharply left, descends Tower Direct via the Sprint Elbow, then goes out Roller Coaster, turns left down Roller Coaster Bypass and returns to the stadium.

After entering the stadium, the course turns right down White Bear Access, then right again onto White Cub.  Upon entering the biathlon stadium, the course takes a left and then two right turns to get back on the White Bear.  The course then follows the White Bear to Suicide Cutoff and takes a left, returning to the stadium WITHOUT skiing Moilanen’s Meadow. Skiers re-enter the stadium, bear right down the east side of the stadium, turn left and pass in front of the ski center and then lap (for the 20Km) or head into the finish (for the 10Km).

CLICK HERE to see a sat photo of a GPS track of the race course.

2017-18 season results by gender are below in text format

Buetow Dental-Panagaea Health Distance Series#2 – January Jaunt
Organized by Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks
Lathrop HS Ski Team Boosters
Birch Hill Recreation Area
Saturday, January 20, 2018

Results By Gender

Women’s 20Km
1. Melissa Lewis-1:26:05.7
2. Erica Blake-1:45:34.3
3. Anna Rix-1:46:51.1
4. Kristin O`Brien-1:47:58.6
5. Tamara Rose-1:49:47.0
6. Corrine Leistikow-1:51:34.2
7. Susan Sugai-2:25:46.7

Men’s 20Km
1. Bruce Miller-1:29:38.9
2. Martin Truffer-1:36:17.2
3. Gary Knuepfer-1:39:37.0
4. Mike Hays-1:43:41.1
5. Ray Halderman-1:44:08.3
6. Eric Troyer-1:44:20.1
7. Dale Dale-1:44:47.9
8. Mark Winford-1:45:22.4
9. Donovan Granger-1:46:50.7
10. Bill Schneider-1:49:00.0
11. Joseph Rueter-1:49:11.9
12. Patrick Reinhard-1:50:58.7
13. Bill Husby-1:54:56.7
14. Frank Soos Jr-1:58:43.2
15. Byron Broda-2:02:14.3

Women’s 10Km
1. Cathy Weeg-55:41.3
2. Brandy Johnson-1:12:50.2
3. Sonja Truffer-1:18:46.5

Men’s 10Km
1. Nelson Hays-1:10:51.3
2. Alan Delamere-1:21:27.3


Results by Class
Women’s 20Km
20-29 Women
1. Erica Blake, Unaffiliated-1:45:34.3
2. Anna Rix, Unaffiliated-1:46:51.1

40-49 Women
1. Melissa Lewis, NSCFairbanks-1:26:05.7

50-59 Women
1. Kristin O`Brien, NSCFairbanks-1:47:58.6
2. Tamara Rose, Unaffiliated-1:49:47.0
3. Corrine Leistikow, NSCFairbanks-1:51:34.2

60-69 Women
1. Susan Sugai, NSCFairbanks-2:25:46.7

Men’s 20Km
40-49 Men
1. Martin Truffer, NSCFairbanks-1:36:17.2
2. Mike Hays, NSCFairbanks-1:43:41.1
3. Mark Winford, NSCFairbanks-1:45:22.4

50-59 Men
1. Bruce Miller, Unaffiliated-1:29:38.9
2. Eric Troyer, NSCF/SCUM/JERCs-1:44:20.1
3. Donovan Granger, NSCF/Lathrop-1:46:50.7
4. Bill Schneider, NSCFairbanks-1:49:00.0
5. Joseph Rueter, NSCFairbanks-1:49:11.9

60-69 Men
1. Gary Knuepfer, NSCFairbanks-1:39:37.0
2. Dale Dale, Unaffiliated-1:44:47.9
3. Patrick Reinhard, NSCF/SCUM-1:50:58.7
4. Bill Husby, SCUM-1:54:56.7
5. Frank Soos Jr, SCUM-1:58:43.2
6. Byron Broda, NSCF/SCUM-2:02:14.3

70 and Older Men
1. Ray Halderman, NSCFairbanks-1:44:08.3

Women’s 10Km
Junior Women
1. Sonja Truffer, NSCF-FXC-1:18:46.5

40-49 Women
1. Brandy Johnson, NSCFairbanks-1:12:50.2

50-59 Women
1. Cathy Weeg, Unaffiliated-55:41.3

Men’s 10Km
Junior Men
1. Nelson Hays, NSCF-FXC-1:10:51.3

70 and Older Men
1. Alan Delamere, NSCFairbanks-1:21:27.3

This Season’s Race Info

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Course Sat Photo and Description
Results – Overall
Results – By Class

2018-19 Season Results

Buetow Dental & Pangaea Health
Distance Series Race No. 2
The January Jaunt
Organized by the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks and Lathrop HS Ski Team Boosters
Birch Hill Recreation Area
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Results by Class

40-49 Women 10K
1. Maria Taylor-59:23.4;
2. Becky Baird-59:43.3;

50-59 Women 10K
1. Barbara Creighton-54:35.1;
2. Joanna Fox-58:15.4;

60-69 Women 10K
1. Norma Haubenstock-59:33.4;

Youth Boys 10K
1. Harrison Riggs-48:21.9;
2. Collin Eberhart-56:01.5;
3. Oliver Taylor-1:28:14.0;

40-49 Men 10K
1. Steve Taylor-1:28:14.4;

70 and Older Men 10K
1. Don Pendergrast-1:01:00.4;

20-29 Women 20K
1. Anna Rix-1:34:03.0;
2. Erica Blake-1:35:07.5;

40-49 Women 20K
1. Kristen Rozell-1:37:19.6;

50-59 Women 20K
1. Tamara Rose-1:41:42.2;
2. Corrine Leistikow-1:44:42.9;

60-69 Women 20K
1. Susan Sugai-2:04:51.2;

30-39 Men 20K
1. Drew Harrington-1:33:01.7;
2. Benjamin Smith-2:05:02.4;

40-49 Men 20K
1. Mark Winford-1:32:11.4;
2. David Hayden-1:41:00.8;
3. Jon Denton-1:53:56.4;

50-59 Men 20K
1. Bruce Miller-1:29:03.7;
2. Sven Grage-1:29:50.3;
3. Ned Rozell-1:38:11.5;
4. Eric Troyer-1:39:44.9;

60-69 Men 20K
1. Tom Dale-1:37:54.8;
2. Bill Husby-1:47:19.9;
3. Frank Soos-1:47:38.6;
4. Mike Schmoker-1:58:42.5;

70 and Older Men 20K
1. Ray Halderman-1:42:48.1;
2. Owen Hanley-1:48:34.3;
3. Robert Moloney-2:12:05.9;


Results by Gender

10 km – Women
1. Barbara Creighton (50FS)-54:35.1;
2. Joanna Fox (50FS)-58:15.4;
3. Maria Taylor (40FS)-59:23.4;
4. Norma Haubenstock (60FS)-59:33.4;
5. Becky Baird (40FS)-59:43.3;

10 km – Men
1. Harrison Riggs (09MS)-48:21.9;
2. Collin Eberhart (09MS)-56:01.5;
3. Don Pendergrast (70MS)-1:01:00.4;
4. Oliver Taylor (09MS)-1:28:14.0;
5. Steve Taylor (40MS)-1:28:14.4;

20 km – Women
1. Anna Rix (20FL)-1:34:03.0;
2. Erica Blake (20FL)-1:35:07.5;
3. Kristen Rozell (40FL)-1:37:19.6;
4. Tamara Rose (50FL)-1:41:42.2;
5. Corrine Leistikow (50FL)-1:44:42.9;
6. Susan Sugai (60FL)-2:04:51.2;

20 km – Men
1. Bruce Miller (50ML)-1:29:03.7;
2. Sven Grage (50ML)-1:29:50.3;
3. Mark Winford (40ML)-1:32:11.4;
4. Drew Harrington (30ML)-1:33:01.7;
5. Tom Dale (60ML)-1:37:54.8;
6. Ned Rozell (50ML)-1:38:11.5;
7. Eric Troyer (50ML)-1:39:44.9;
8. David Hayden (40ML)-1:41:00.8;
9. Ray Halderman (70ML)-1:42:48.1;
10. Bill Husby (60ML)-1:47:19.9;
11. Frank Soos (60ML)-1:47:38.6;
12. Owen Hanley (70ML)-1:48:34.3;
13. Jon Denton (40ML)-1:53:56.4;
14. Mike Schmoker (60ML)-1:58:42.5;
15. Benjamin Smith (30ML)-2:05:02.4;
16. Robert Moloney (70ML)-2:12:05.9;