Buetow Dental Distance Series #3 – The Raven Romp
Sunday, February 14, 2021

The final race in the Buetow Dental Distance Series is the Raven Romp.  The race distance is 30Km, but with a 10Km option for those interested in a shorter distance.  All skiers start at 11:00AM.  Watch here for details on the start location.  The race will start and finish either in the Birch Hill Ski Stadium or in the Birch Hill Biathlon Stadium and will be held on a 10Km loop.

The technique for this event alternates from one year to the next.  For the 2020-21 season, this race will be held in free technique.

2019-20 Season Classic Technique
2020-21 Season Free Technique
2021-22 Season Classic Technique
2022-23 Season Free Technique
2023-24 Season Classic Technique

All registration for this event is online, with payment by credit card.  There is no hard copy registration. Entry fees are $15 for NSCF members and $20 for non-members through midnight Thursday prior to the race.  After that date, entry fees increase to $25.  Race day entry is available, but it will also be via online registration, with payment by credit card.

To register for the third race in the series CLICK HERE.

A course map, entry list and results are available below this content.

Distance Series #3
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