KINROSS Fort Knox Town Series #1
Fairbanks Youth Sports Season Opener
November 18, 2023

29th Year of Nordic Ski Club’s KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series

press release below


  • All school and club groups need to contact the Chief of Competition for information regarding how to enter as a group.
  • All individual registration for non-school individuals as well as school-aged skiers who are nor part of a school or club group must enter online.
  • All school-aged skiers enter for free – no entry fee!
  • Adult entry fees through midnight Wednesday night are $10 for NSCF members and $15 for non-members, Registration closes at 23:59:59PM Wednesday night, November 15.
  • Race day entry is not available.
  • CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this race


  • Course distances are:
  • Grades Pre-K, K, 1 and 2 – 0.5Km
  • Grades 3 and 4 – 1.0Km
  • Grades 5 and 6 – 1.5Km
  • Grades 7 and 8 – 2.0Km
  • High School and Adult Women and Men – 7Km
  • Courses will be marked Friday night with color-coded arrows


  • Timing will be provided by the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks timing crew, Chief of Timing is Anna Sorensen


  • For team and school programs, bibs will be provided in a single bag.
  • Coaches are responsible for distributing bibs and keeping track of and returning all unused bibs.
  • Skiers who are not part of  a team group can pick up bibs in Rikke’s Roadhouse.


  • All race information is available via links below this article

Good luck racing!

KINROSS/Fort Knox Town Race Series #1 Press Release

29th Year of Nordic SKi Club’s KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series
Saturday, November 19 is the Season Opener

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is pleased to announce that the Twenty-ninth Annual KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series will get underway with the free technique Fairbanks Youth Sports Season Opener, Saturday, November 18, at 11:00am on the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area.  The races start and finish in the Birch Hill Ski Stadium.  The KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series provides a competitive forum for skiers of all ages beginning with pre-schoolers.

Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks President Chris Puchner said, “For twenty-nine years in a row the tremendous support of our local business community has made it possible for young people to race for free in this series.  Our club would like to thank KINROSS Fort Knox, the title sponsor of this series, for helping the Nordic Ski Club to create fun options to get kids active and outdoors during the winter.  Our event presenters continue to come back year after year to make this series possible.”

All elementary finishers receive a ribbon recognizing their achievement in each race.  Elementary, junior high, and high school-aged competitors who finish 3 or more of the races in the series will receive a free, commemorative t-shirt at the conclusion of the series.

The goal of the series is to provide a high quality race experience in a low-pressure atmosphere.  More than 100 Town Series races have been held over the past twenty-seven seasons.  NSCF Competition Events Program Director John Estle said, “This is a race series for everyone from little kids just starting to ski to senior citizens who still like to get out for some exercise and put a number on.  For some skiers these races lay the foundation of experience for great results in Junior Nationals, National Championships or even the Olympics; for others they are simply a great opportunity for a healthy outdoor activity in winter.  Whatever a skier’s goals in racing, the KINROSS Fort Knox Town Series offers a great forum for achieving them.”

Racing begins at 11:00am with competition in the Kindergarten-1st grade-2nd grade class (.5km; girls at 11:00, boys at 11:05), followed by 3rd and 4th grade class (1km; girls at 11:15, boys at 11:20),  5th and 6th grade class (1.5km; girls 11:30, boys 11:35) and the 7th and 8th graders (2km; girls 11:45, boys 11:50).  High School Junior Varsity skiers will have the option of racing in the 2Km event with the 7th and 8th graders.  Each of these age classes will have separate mass starts, one for boys and one for girls.  Over 300 entries are anticipated.

The high school and adult events will also be held in mass-start format, 7Km for women at 12:15PM and 7Km for men at 12:45PM.  All races will be held in free technique.

The first race in the series has become a major early-season event for high school teams from around the state.  It is anticipated that participants will include skiers from local schools Lathrop HS and West Valley HS as well as visiting teams from the Mat-Su Valley.

Entry is free for all school students from Kindergarten through high school. School students who are part of a club or team should be entered through that school club or team.  The entry fee for adults is $10 for members of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, and $15 for non-members.  Online registration closes at midnight on Wednesday, November 15th.  There will be no race day entries.

Individual entry for non-students and adults, or individual students who are not entered through their schools will be online only – no paper forms to deal with.  To enter online, go to: LINK TO BE CREATED

For further information on the KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series call the NSCF race program, or contact them via e-mail at, or look on the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks website:  Any public or private school ski programs, or home school families in the area who would like to participate but who have not received materials should contact the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks at the number above and request that materials be sent to them.

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is a 1000-member non-profit organization that provides and pays for all Birch Hill trail maintenance and grooming equipment, labor and services, offers instruction for youth and adults, recreational tours, as well as educational programs and clinics.  The Nordic Ski Club raises money for trail improvements, maintenance and grooming through private donations to its trail fund.  The Nordic Ski Club jointly manages Birch Hill Recreation Area in cooperation with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation Department.

KINROSS Fort Knox is in their eleventh season as the title sponsor of the Town Race Series. The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks also receives support from Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation and the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.

The remaining races are:

  • Saturday, December 2, 2023 – Wedgewood Resort Sprint-Fest – Sprint/Classic Technique — short (300m-700m) sprints for Grades K-1-2, Grade 3-4, Grade 5-6, and Grade 7-8; 1.100m and 1.3km for HS and Adult classes
  • Saturday, January 13, 2024 – IFairbanks Youth Sports nterval Start Classic – All events in Classic Technique; elementary and middle-school skiers will race in mass-start format: 1Km for Grades K-1-2, 1.5Km for Grades 3-4, 2Km for Grade 5-6, 2.5Km for Grade 7-8; HS and Adult Classes will race in interval start format: 7.5Km for women and 7.5Km for men
  • Saturday, January 27, 2024 – Alaska 529 Ski-Cross in Free Technique for all classes; Distances: 200-300m for Grades K-1-2, 250-400m for Grades 3-4, 350-600m for Grade 5-6, 400-600m for Grade 7-8; 500-800m for men’s and women’s HS and Adult classes
Entry Lists / Start Lists
  Entry List-alpha by last name/first name
  Entry List – by school/team
  Start List
Result Lists
  Result List – by gender
  Result List – by class
Course Maps (incl Stadiums & Profiles)
  Grade K-1-2 0.65Km Course
  Grade 3-4 1.0Km Course
  Grade 5-6 1.5Km Course
  Grade 7-8 2Km Course
  HS and Adult Women and Men 7Km Course
  All course maps in one packet
NOTE: maps are formatted for 11″x17″ paper
  All course maps and stadiums for reading
  All course maps and stadiums for printing
NOTE: maps are formatted for 11″x17″ paper
Detailed Stadium Diagrams
  Stadium Layouts for All Courses
  Grade K-1-2 0.65Km Stadium
  Grade 3-4 1.0Km Stadium
  Grade 5-6 1.5Km Stadium
  Grade 7-8 2.0Km Stadium
  HS and Adult Women and Men 7Km Stadium 


Results by Class

Grade K-1-2 Girls 0.65Km
1. Maya Pierson, Watershed-7:39.2;

Grade K-1-2 Boys 0.65Km
1. Oliver Fischer, Watershed-4:11.4;
2. Gavin Pierson, Watershed-4:13.4;
3. Alden Warren, Chinook-4:13.8;
4. Elliot Fairchild, Weller-6:21.4;

Grade 3-4 Girls 1Km
1. Fiona Mabie, Woodriver-6:21.4;
2. Molly Koczaja, Watershed-7:56.0;

Grade 3-4 Boys 1Km
1. Oliver Taylor, Weller/NSCF Jr Nordic-4:25.6;
2. Dylan Ruesch, Watershed-6:03.9;
3. Griffin Herrick, Pearl Creek-6:10.1;
4. Brooks Gilbert, Watershed-6:44.9;
5. Austin Ruesch, Watershed-6:53.7;
6. Nolan Redmond, Watershed-7:03.6;
7. Luca Casey, Watershed-7:04.4;
8. Silas Davis, Weller-7:21.5;
9. Noah Reynolds, University Park-8:02.4;

Grade 5-6 Girls 1.5Km
1. Lilli Bond, FXC Devo-5:07.3;
2. Zoe Plattet, FXC Devo-6:39.5;
3. Cara Schneider, FXC Devo-6:43.5;
4. Hazel Sutton, Pearl Creek/FXC Devo-7:06.2;
5. Delilah Fischer, Watershed-8:11.6;
6. Ellie Burnett, Woodriver/FXC Devo-9:33.5;
7. Fern Pfisterer, FXC Devo-10:35.2;

Grade 5-6 Boys 1.5Km
1. Blair Merrill, Watershed/FXC Devo-6:26.9;
2. Wade Davis, FXC Devo-7:15.9;
3. Reid Griek, FXC Devo-7:18.9;
4. Nolan Hays, FXC Devo-8:08.47;
5. Luke Decker, Watershed-9:09.0;
6. Philip Prim, Boreal Sun-9:22.9;

Grade 7-8 Girls 2Km
1. Ellie Abrahamsson, FXC Devo-7:42.5;
2. Adah Decker, FXC Devo-7:44.4;
3. Aziellle Terrell, FXC Devo-10:12.6;
4. Helena Peterson, FXC Devo-10:48.2;
5. Hannah Lewellyn, FXC Devo-11:30.1;
6. Maya Griek, FXC Devo-11:41.9;

Grade 7-8 Boys 2Km
1. Kieran Kaufman, FXC Prep-5:59.6;
2. Basile Plattet, FXC Prep-6:27.5;
3. Reid Merrill, Watershed/FXC Devo-6:41.7;
4. Emmett Schneider, FXC Prep-7:21.7;
5. Scott Tragis, FXC Prep-7:29.5;
6. Matthew Kim, FXC Prep-8:23.2;

High School JV Boys 2Km
1. Kyle Williams, FXC Prep-7:53.9;

High School Girls 5Km
1. Abigail Haas, Lathrop-19:17.8;
2. Zarah Laker-Morris, West Valley-20:18.7;
3. Hannah Delamere, West Valley-24:15.7;
4. Leni Stolz, West Valley-24:28.9;
5. Ingrid Baurick, West Valley-24:37.9;
6. Pirada Anderson, West Valley-27:14.2;
7. Emma Lyons, Lathrop-28:39.6;
8. Hazel Langley, West Valley-28:55.0;
9. Ellie Buth, West Valley-29:09.9;
10. Laurel Valentine, West Valley-29:22.1;
11. Salak Crowe, West Valley-30:55.1;
12. Inga Peterson, Lathrop-34:50.0;
13. Cedar O`Donnell, West Valley-34:56.9;
14. Spring Smith-Hughs, West Valley-35:23.9;
15. Maddie Wonderlich, Lathrop-36:07.4;
16. Lily Downing, West Valley-36:57.7;
17. Lily Hedman, West Valley-36:58.4;
18. Mariana Low, West Valley-37:35.3;
19. Amelia Cochran, West Valley-43:31.9;

Junior Women 5Km
1. Aila Berrigan, UAF-21:04.3;

Open Women 5Km
1. Rya Berrigan, UAF-20:45.8;

Master Women 30-39 5Km
1. Davya Flaharty, NSCF-22:04.4;
2. Kate Rose, NSCF-27:21.3;
3. Anna Rix, Fairbanks, AK-29:48.9;

Master Women 50-59 5Km
1. Donna DiFolco, NSCF-24:02.8;

High School Boys 8Km
1. Nicholas Buth, West Valley-23:46.0;
2. Eli Merrill, West Valley-23:49.5;
3. Justin Oestrich, Lathrop-25:04.4;
4. Elias Engman, West Valley-25:30.3;
5. Jacob Rozell, West Valley-26:56.6;
6. Nelson Hays, Monroe-27:21.9;
7. Owen Wooler, West Valley-27:42.1;
8. Ian Tragis, Hutchison-28:10.4;
9. David Wonderlich, Lathrop-28:11.7;
10. Ben Pilon, Lathrop-33:19.8;
11. Harper O`Brian, West Valley-33:34.7;
12. Felix Primm, Hutchison-34:53.0;
13. Logan Mendez, West Valley-35:11.6;
14. Joon Young, West Valley-36:10.4;
15. Owen Merrill, West Valley-41:24.8;
16. Van Johnson, West Valley-46:27.3;
17. Koen House, West Valley-49:07.3;
18. Brooks LaBarre, West Valley-1:04:39.9;
19. Wiley Johnson, West Valley-1:07:03.1;
20. Aiden Moore-Shultz, West Valley-1:07:03.7;

Junior Men 8Km
1. Max Beiergrohslein, UAF-24:40.8;

Open Men 8Km
1. Joe Davies, UAF-20:43.0;
2. Mike Ophoff, UAF-20:57.3;
3. Lukash Platil, UAF-22:31.4;
4. Christopher Kalev, UAF-23:11.2;
5. Patrick Marbacher, UAF-23:41.6;

Master Men 30-39 8Km
1. Alex Morris, NSCF-26:07.8;
2. Christian Coe, Fairbanks, AK-34:39.5;
3. Garrett Armstrong, NSCF-44:13.1;

Master Men 40-49 8Km
1. Mark Billingsley, Fairbanks, AK-45:45.2;

Master Men 50-59 8Km
1. Keith Arens, Fairbanks, AK-53:40.9;

5Km and 8Km Results by Gender

High School and Adult Women’s 5Km

1. Abigail Haas, Lathrop-19:17.8;
2. Zarah Laker-Morris, West Valley-20:18.7;
3. Rya Berrigan, UAF-20:45.8;
4. Aila Berrigan, UAF-21:04.3;
5. Davya Flaharty, NSCF-22:04.4;
6. Donna DiFolco, NSCF-24:02.8;
7. Hannah Delamere, West Valley-24:15.7;
8. Leni Stolz, West Valley-24:28.9;
9. Ingrid Baurick, West Valley-24:37.9;
10. Pirada Anderson, West Valley-27:14.2;
11. Kate Rose, NSCF-27:21.3;
12. Emma Lyons, Lathrop-28:39.6;
13. Hazel Langley, West Valley-28:55.0;
14. Ellie Buth, West Valley-29:09.9;
15. Laurel Valentine, West Valley-29:22.1;
16. Anna Rix, Fairbanks, AK-29:48.9;
17. Salak Crowe, West Valley-30:55.1;
18. Inga Peterson, Lathrop-34:50.0;
19. Cedar O`Donnell, West Valley-34:56.9;
20. Spring Smith-Hughs, West Valley-35:23.9;
21. Maddie Wonderlich, Lathrop-36:07.4;
22. Lily Downing, West Valley-36:57.7;
23. Lily Hedman, West Valley-36:58.4;
24. Mariana Low, West Valley-37:35.3;
25. Amelia Cochran, West Valley-43:31.9;

High School and Adult Men’s 8Km

1. Joe Davies, UAF-20:43.0;
2. Mike Ophoff, UAF-20:57.3;
3. Lukash Platil, UAF-22:31.4;
4. Christopher Kalev, UAF-23:11.2;
5. Patrick Marbacher, UAF-23:41.6;
6. Nicholas Buth, West Valley-23:46.0;
7. Eli Merrill, West Valley-23:49.5;
8. Max Beiergrohslein, UAF-24:40.8;
9. Justin Oestrich, Lathrop-25:04.4;
10. Elias Engman, West Valley-25:30.3;
11. Alex Morris, NSCF-26:07.8;
12. Jacob Rozell, West Valley-26:56.6;
13. Nelson Hays, Monroe-27:21.9;
14. Owen Wooler, West Valley-27:42.1;
15. Ian Tragis, Hutchison-28:10.4;
16. David Wonderlich, Lathrop-28:11.7;
17. Ben Pilon, Lathrop-33:19.8;
18. Harper O`Brian, West Valley-33:34.7;
19. Christian Coe, Fairbanks, AK-34:39.5;
20. Felix Primm, Hutchison-34:53.0;
21. Logan Mendez, West Valley-35:11.6;
22. Joon Young, West Valley-36:10.4;
23. Owen Merrill, West Valley-41:24.8;
24. Garrett Armstrong, NSCF-44:13.1;
25. Mark Billingsley, Fairbanks, AK-45:45.2;
26. Van Johnson, West Valley-46:27.3;
27. Koen House, West Valley-49:07.3;
28. Keith Arens, Fairbanks, AK-53:40.9;
29. Brooks LaBarre, West Valley-1:04:39.9;
30. Wiley Johnson, West Valley-1:07:03.1;
31. Aiden Moore-Shultz, West Valley-1:07:03.7;