Kinross Fort Knox Town Race Series #3
Wedgewood Resort Sprint Festival
Saturday, January 21, 2023

28th Year of Nordic Ski Club’s KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series



  • All school and club groups need to contact Chief of Competition John Estle for information regarding how to enter as a group.
  • All individual registration for non-school individuals as well as school-aged skiers who are nor part of a school or club group must enter online.
  • All school-aged skiers enter for free – no entry fee!
  • Adult entry fees through midnight Wednesday night are $10 for NSCF members and $15 for non-members
  • Race day entry is not available.
  • CLICK HERE to register for this race


  • All races will be held in CLASSIC technique
  • Course distances are:
  • Grades Pre-K, K, 1 and 2 – 300m
  • Grades 5 and 6 – 620m
  • Grades 7 and 8 – 750m
  • High School and Adult Women and Men – B Bracket – 1050m
  • High School and Adult Women and Men – A Bracket – 1350m
  • Courses will be marked Friday night with color-coded arrows


  • Timing will be provided by the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks timing crew, Chief of Timing is Anna Sorensen
  • Results will be published to this website


  • For team and school programs, bibs will be provided in a single bag.
  • Coaches are responsible for distributing bibs and keeping track of and returning all unused bibs.
  • Skiers who are not part of  a team group can pick up bibs in Rikke’s Roadhouse.


  • All race information is available via links below this article

Good luck racing!

TRS3 Press Release

KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series Classic Sprint This Weekend

The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks winter competition schedule rings in 2023 with the third race in the twenty-eighth annual KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series, a sprint in classic technique, Saturday, January 21, at 10:00am at the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area.

The KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series provides a competitive forum for skiers of all ages beginning with pre-schoolers. Over 150 entries are anticipated. Sprint races are held in small heats over short distances. The high school, college and adult racers will compete in several rounds of heats, with each skier competing two or three times. The elementary and middle schoo-aged skiers will each race twice, once in a preliminary round to warm up, and once in a final round that counts in the rankings.

There will be an “A” Bracket and a “B” Bracket in the high school/college/adult sprints. The “A” Bracket will include a qualification round beginning at 10AM with skiers starting at 15-second intervals. After the qualifying round is complete, there will be a 90-minute break before those skiers start racing in the “knockout” heats. The “B” Bracket will not include the qualifying round — skiers will start right off with heats.

During the “A” bracket’s 90 minute break, some of the other classes will race. After the “A” Bracket heats are complete, the heats for the classes which have not yet raced will go off. Start times for each class will be established based upon the numbr of skiers who register, so we cannot specify start times as of this date. Please watch for more race information on the Town Race Series #3 page.

Entry is free for all students from Kindergarten through high school. School students who are part of a school or club team or program should be entered through their school club or team. All school-aged skiers must be entered in each race in the series during the week leading up to the race. Individual students who are not part of a program, and adults, can enter online at

The entry fee for adults is $10 for members of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, and $15 for non-members. Race entries close at midnight Wednesday night, January 18. There will be no late entries or race day entries.

All elementary finishers receive a ribbon recognizing their achievement. Elementary, middle school and high school-aged competitors who finish three or more of the races in the series will receive a free, commemorative t-shirt at the conclusion of the series.

For further information on the KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series contact the NSCF Race Program via e-mail at Any public or private school ski programs, or home school families in the area who would like to participate but who have not received materials should contact John Estle at 347-1061, and request that materials be sent to them.

KINROSS Fort Knox is in their seventh season as the sponsor of the Town Race Series. The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks also receives support from Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation and the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.

The remaining race in the Kinross Fort Knox Town Race Series, a ski-cross, will be held Saturday, January 28, 2023. The format of Town Series #4 is ski-cross in skate technique (mass-start heats with terrain features and many turns) over short distances for all classes.

Bibs will be available for pickup beginning around 9:00 in Rikke’s Roadhouse, the small log building between the timing building and the Old Warming Hut. Skiers should pick up their bibs not later than 30 minutes before their scheduled start.

All skier must access the start by passing behind (west of) the timing building and up onto the start mesa, where they will be checked in for competition.

Individually wrapped snacks will be available to skiers after the race.

Results will be published online at

Start times for each race will be established based upon the numbr of skiers who register, so we cannot specify start times as of this date. Please watch for more race information on the Town Race Series #3 page.

Results from Prior Years

Class Results

Overall Results

January 2020 Class Results January 2020 Overall Results
January 2019 Class Results January 2019 Overall Results
January 2018 Class Results January 2018 Overall Results
January 2017 Class Results January 2017 Overall Results
January 2016 Class Results January 2016 Overall Results
January 2015 Class Results January 2015 Overall Results
January 2014 Class Results January 2014 Overall Results
January 2013 Class Results January 2013 Overall Results
January 2012 Class Results January 2012 Overall Results

Town Series #3
2018-19 Results

Below are class results in text format for the 2018-19 KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series #3, the Woolly Rhino Classic, followed by results by gender in text format for the 7.5Km and 10Km distances.


Grade K-1-2 Girls 1Km
1. Delilah Fischer, Watershed-9:41.7;
2. Zoe Agopian Plattet, NSCF-FJN/Pearl Creek-10:31.1;
3. Haven Rowland, NSCF-FJN-11:14.0;
4. Kinley Carey, Spruce Tree Mont.-11:24.4;
5. Caite Eberhart, Hilltop Prep-14:11.2;

Grade K-1-2 Boys 1Km
1. Oliver Taylor, NSCF-FJN/Weller-8:24.2;
2. Blair Merrill, Watershed-8:51.8;
3. Luke Decker, Watershed-9:53.6;
4. Beckett Hayden, Spruce Tree Mont.-10:43.9;
5. Liam Hollingsworth, Watershed-11:43.7;
6. Nolan Adamczak, Spruce Tree Mont.-14:26.3;

Grade 3-4 Girls 1.5Km
1. Daya Allegood, Watershed-10:33.8;
2. Ellie Abrahamson, Watershed-10:34.7;
3. Lilli Bond, Pearl Creek-10:58.6;
4. Addison Liddell, NSCF-FJN-14:46.9;
5. Isabella Foland, NSCF-FJN/Spruce Tree Mont.-15:07.0;

Grade 3-4 Boys 1.5Km
1. Reid Merrill, Watershed-9:22.0;
2. Wilson Rasic, NSCF-FJN/Watershed-11:47.4;
3. Billy Starcher, Weller-17:13.1;
4. Cole Eberhart, Hilltop Prep-18:13.9;

Grade 5-6 Girls 2Km
1. Emma Lyons, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:43.6;
2. Adah Decker, Watershed-13:26.8;
3. Sakaia Fischer, Watershed-14:56.0;
4. Marais Anderson, Watershed-14:56.4;
5. Abilene Dunn, Watershed-16:09.2;
6. Claire Eberhart, Hilltop Prep-22:40.0;

Grade 5-6 Boys 2Km
1. Kieran Kaufman, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-9:37.6;
2. Basile Plattet, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-9:38.0;
3. Wade Harry, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-9:59.0;
4. Leif Anderson, Watershed-14:45.9;

Grade 7-8 Girls 2.5Km
1. Olivia Soederstrom, unaffiliated-10:19.0;
2. Ingrid Baurick, NSCF-FXC Prep-10:53.2;
3. Zarah Laker-Morris, NSCF-FXC Prep-11:02.9;
4. Leni Stolz, NSCF-FXC Prep-12:06.4;
5. Sonja Truffer, NSCF-FXC Prep-12:33.7;

Grade 7-8 Boys 2.5Km
1. Elias Engman, NSCF-FXC Prep-9:28.9;
2. Nelson Hays, NSCF-FXC Prep-10:09.9;
3. Pj Bragonier, NSCF-FXC Prep-10:34.7;
4. Brecken Allegood, NSCF-FXC Prep-11:30.1;
5. Kasper Bennedsen, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:33.8;
6. Levi Aitken, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:47.2;
7. Olav Moeller, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:52.0;
8. John Haas, NSCF-FXC Prep-12:02.4;
9. Shane Lidell, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-12:49.2;
10. Jack Rasic, NSCF-FXC Prep/Watershed-12:53.4;
11. Owen Merrill, Watershed-13:44.6;

High School Girls 7.5KM
1. Tjarn Bross, unaffiliated-28:29.5;
2. Abigail Haas, unaffiliated-29:45.4;
3. Clare Hanneman, unaffiliated-31:08.4;

High School Boys 10Km
1. Daryn Espinosa, unaffiliated-36:06.0;
2. Ben Kassof, NSCF-FXC Comp-37:56.7;
3. Johnathan Ebel, unaffiliated-38:13.1;
4. Matthew Johnson, unaffiliated-45:12.9;
5. Harrison Riggs, unaffiliated-46:14.9;
6. Collin Eberhart, unaffiliated-59:04.5;

20 to 29 Year Old Women 7.5KM
1. Anna Rix, None-30:12.4;

20 to 29 Year Old Men 10Km
1. Tobias Albrightsen, Lathrop-33:15.1;

40 to 49 Year Old Men 10Km
1. Peter Delamere, NSC Fairbanks-35:17.7;

50 to 59 Year Old Women 7.5KM
1. Tamara Rose, NSC Fairbanks-36:37.6;

50 to 59 Year Old Men 10Km
1. Patricke Druckenmiller, NSC Fairbanks-42:47.1;
2. Martin Truffer, NSC Fairbanks-46:14.8;
3. Ned Rozell, NSC Fairbanks-46:31.5;
4. Gregory Kahoe, SCUM-54:05.7;

70 to 79 Year Old Men
1. Owen Hanley, NSC Fairbanks-51:08.0;
2. Ray Halderman, NSC Fairbanks-51:15.2;


Women’s 7.5Km
1. Tjarn Bross, unaffiliated-28:29.5;
2. Abigail Haas, unaffiliated-29:45.4;
3. Anna Rix, unaffiliated-30:12.4;
4. Clare Hanneman, unaffiliated-31:08.4;
5. Tamara Rose, NSC Fairbanks-36:37.6;

Men’s 10Km
1. Tobias Albrightsen, Lathrop-33:15.1;
2. Peter Delamere, NSC Fairbanks-35:17.7;
3. Daryn Espinosa, unaffiliated-36:06.0;
4. Ben Kassof, NSCF-FXC Comp-37:56.7;
5. Johnathan Ebel, unaffiliated-38:13.1;
6. Patrick Druckenmiller, NSC Fairbanks-42:47.1;
7. Matthew Johnson, unaffiliated-45:12.9;
8. Martin Truffer, NSC Fairbanks-46:14.8;
9. Harrison Riggs, unaffiliated-46:14.9;
10. Ned Rozell, NSC Fairbanks-46:31.5;
11. Owen Hanley, NSC Fairbanks-51:08.0;
12. Ray Halderman, NSC Fairbanks-51:15.2;
13. Gregory Kahoe, SCUM-54:05.7;
14. Collin Eberhart, unaffiliated-59:04.5;

Town Series #3
2017-18 Results

Below are class results in text format for the 2017-18 KINROSS Fort Knox Town Race Series #3, the Woolly Rhino Classic, followed by results by gender in text format for the 7.5Km and 10Km distances.
Grade K-1-2 Girls 1.25Km
1. Zoe Agopian Plattet, Pearl Creek-9:08.3;
2. Lilli Bond, Pearl Creek-9:51.1;
3. Lena Rhynard, Watershed-10:21.8;
4. Delilah Fischer, Watershed-11:24.4;
5. Margaret Vanderlugt, NSCF-FJN-11:38.8;
6. Sydney Coleman, Woodriver-12:17.3;
7. Addison Liddell, Pearl Creek-12:40.5;
8. Kinley Carey, Spruce Tree-14:04.0;
9. Brooke Babcock, Watershed-16:33.9;
Grade K-1-2 Boys 1.25Km
1. John Williamson, Homeschool-8:11.6;
2. Dax Campbell, Pearl Creek-9:13.6;
3. Luke Decker, Watershed-9:14.9;
4. Blair Merrill, Watershed-9:46.7;
5. Clive Binkley, Spruce Tree-10:39.6;
6. Eli Amos-Wall, Arctic Light-11:20.2;
7. Beckett Hayden, Spruce Tree-11:56.6;
8. Garrison Gower, Watershed-13:06.5;
9. Theron Pamperin, Watershed-13:28.6;
10. Hudson Bennett, Spruce Tree-15:52.6;
11. Sylus Layos Wagaman, Watershed-16:02.6;
12. Elliot Zook, Watershed-16:27.1;
13. Connor Smith, Far North Christian-18:03.1;
Grade 3-4 Girls 1.75Km
1. Adah Decker, Watershed-9:27.3;
2. Sakaia Fischer, Watershed-10:41.7;
3. Anna Stringfellow, CyberLynx-11:01.9;
4. Marais Anderson, Watershed-11:09.6;
5. Ansley Smith, BEST Homeschool-11:30.8;
6. Cynara Koch, Weller-14:05.3;
7. Summer Jackson, University Park-14:35.9;
8. Maddison Reeves, Anne Wein-27:01.3;
Grade 3-4 Boys 1.75Km
1. Kieran Kaufman, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-7:11.5;
2. Basile Plattet, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-7:13.8;
3. Wade Harry, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-7:25.3;
4. Reid Merrill, Watershed-8:55.0;
5. Nathan Vanderlugt, NSCF-FJN-9:32.1;
6. Leif Anderson, Watershed-10:27.0;
7. Dalton Koch, Weller-10:35.2;
8. Merrick Zook, Watershed-11:43.9;
9. Kodiak Coleman, Woodriver-12:31.8;
10. Colton Gower, Watershed-12:53.2;
11. Skyler Jackson, University Park-13:01.6;
12. Nate Goddard, Watershed-13:18.2;
13. Sosuke Shambare, Woodriver-13:42.1;
14. Huc McCall, Arctic Light-13:46.1;
Grade 5-6 Girls 2.25Km
1. Olivia Soderstrom, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-9:26.8;
2. Zarah Laker-Morris, Watershed/NSCF-FXC Prep-9:48.7;
3. Ingrid Baurick, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-10:07.3;
4. Lydia Burrell, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:24.0;
5. Emma Lyons, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:34.1;
6. Autumn Vanderlugt, NSCF-FJN-12:12.9;
7. Abigail Wohlford, University Park-15:22.9;
Grade 5-6 Boys 2.25Km
1. Cirdan Vonnahme, NSCF-FXC Prep-9:21.9;
2. John Haas, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-10:34.5;
3. Kasper Bennedsen, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-10:53.9;
4. Jack Babcock, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:32.3;
5. Eli West, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-11:41.8;
6. Jackson Taylor, Ladd-11:51.2;
7. Owen Merrill, Watershed-12:13.9;
8. Brecken Allegood, Watershed-12:26.8;
9. Shane Liddell, Pearl Creek-13:16.2;
10. Jeffrey Goddard, Watershed-17:20.4;
Grade 7-8 Girls 2.5Km
1. Hannah Delamere, NSCF-FXC Prep-9:01.2;
2. Hjelle Personius, NSCF-FXC Prep-9:26.3;
3. Abigail Haas, NSCF-FXC Prep-9:41.4;
4. Catherine Winford, NSCF-FXC Prep-10:57.0;
5. Mateya Koch, Tanana MS-11:19.8;
6. Leni Stolz, Boreal Sun/NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-12:01.4;
7. Madelyn Wonderlich, Tanana MS-13:17.5;
8. Pirada Anderson, Watershed-15:13.8;
Grade 7-8 Boys 2.5Km
1. Eli Merrill, Watershed-8:01.3;
2. Isaac Dershin, NSCF-FXC Prep-8:09.1;
3. Joshua Baurick, NSCF-FXC Prep-8:11.2;
4. Peter Kulp, NSCF-FXC Prep-8:39.2;
5. Caleb Petersen, Watershed/NSCF-FXC Prep-8:53.9;
6. Ezra West, NSCF-FXC Prep-9:28.3;
7. Elias Engman, NSCF-FXC Prep-10:20.4;
8. Nolan Spillane, NSCF-FXC Prep-10:39.6;
9. Olav Moeller, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-12:00.9;
10. Jacob Ridley, Tanana MS-12:12.0;
11. Benaiah Vanderlugt, NSCF-FJN-12:14.3;
12. Landon Bicknell-Long, NSCF-FXC Prep-12:22.8;
13. Waker Jones, NSCF-FXC Jr Devo-12:46.2;
HS Junior Varsity Girls 2.5Km
1. Mesa Arens, Lathrop HS-11:23.5;
2. Zoie Lucksavage, Lathrop HS-16:07.1;
3. Anna Stevan, West Valley HS-16:29.0;
HS Junior Varsity Boys 2.5Km
1. Harrison Riggs, Lathrop HS-10:30.6;
2. Bridger Koch, Lathrop HS-12:45.6;
High School Girls 7.5Km
1. Kaya Ratzlaff, West Valley HS-25:23.3;
2. Maggie Druckenmiller, West Valley HS-26:03.5;
3. Maggie Whitaker, West Valley HS-26:21.5;
4. Emma Jerome, West Valley HS-26:47.6;
5. Zoe Ratzlaff, West Valley HS-27:59.4;
6. Clare Hanneman, Lathrop HS-29:47.5;
7. Cora Delaca, West Valley HS-30:42.9;
8. Hanna Wuttig, West Valley HS-31:02.5;
9. Laura Mayo, West Valley HS-34:18.3;
10. Kristen Abramowicz, West Valley HS-35:54.0;
11. Amy Mayo, West Valley HS-36:00.6;
12. Abigail Arens, Lathrop HS-37:34.2;
13. Winona Grab, West Valley HS-38:55.8;
14. Annika Swanson, West Valley HS-39:44.7;
15. Lynneva Carrol, West Valley HS-41:48.9;
16. Skye McCaa, West Valley HS-44:38.4;
High School Boys 10Km
1. Ti Donaldson, West Valley HS-27:44.8;
2. Ari Endestad, West Valley HS-28:49.8;
3. Rhys Yates, West Valley HS-29:35.6;
4. Dale Baurick, West Valley HS-30:16.2;
5. Sam Delamere, West Valley HS-30:17.2;
6. Hans Personius, West Valley HS-30:25.0;
7. Jonathan Burrell, Lathrop HS-30:25.8;
8. Alton Denton, West Valley HS-30:38.9;
9. Eric Difolco, West Valley HS-30:56.9;
10. Jack Cater, West Valley HS-31:08.0;
11. Nolan Earnest, West Valley HS-31:15.6;
12. Jordan Laker-Morris, West Valley HS-31:32.4;
13. Luke Buth, West Valley HS-31:34.5;
14. Thomas Bueler, West Valley HS-31:44.8;
15. Chandler Wappett, Lathrop HS-32:21.5;
16. Andrew Stringfellow, NSCF-FXC Comp-32:34.5;
17. Parker Stoltz, West Valley HS-32:50.0;
18. David Ebel, Lathrop HS-34:15.6;
19. Jack Winford, West Valley HS-34:38.5;
20. Lars O`Hara, West Valley HS-35:39.7;
21. Lars Vinlove, West Valley HS-36:13.5;
22. Nate Sanches, Lathrop HS-36:34.4;
23. Alex Olson, West Valley HS-37:05.1;
24. Ben Kassof, West Valley HS-37:28.5;
25. Beren Vonnahme, Lathrop HS-37:33.7;
26. Kellen Osborn, West Valley HS-39:51.8;
27. Ben Kahoe, West Valley HS-40:27.4;
28. Jonathan Ebel, Lathrop HS-41:03.8;
29. Richard Collins, Lathrop HS-43:20.0;
30. Josiah Liddell, West Valley HS-45:26.7;
31. Travis Brase, West Valley HS-46:40.3;
Junior Women 7.5Km
1. Peyton Presler, NSCF-FXC Comp-28:50.4;
Junior Men 10Km
1. Logan Mowry, NSCF-FXC Comp-28:22.5;
Age 20-29 Women 7.5Km
1. Hilary Saucy, NSCF-FXC Comp-27:00.0;
Age 30-39 Women 7.5Km
1. Davya Flaharty, NSCF-27:09.5;
Age 30-39 Men 10Km
1. Vladimir Smirnov, NSCF-29:30.8;
Age 40-49 Men 10Km
1. Max Kaufman, NSCF-35:00.2;
2. Martin Truffer, NSCF-44:27.6;
Age 50-59 Women 7.5Km
1. Donna DiFolco, NSCF-28:19.2;
2. Sharon Baker, NSCF-31:22.3;
Age 50-59 Men 10Km
1. Bad Bob Baker, NSCF/SCUM-37:27.0;
2. Eric Troyer, SCUM/JERCs/NSCF-44:32.1;
3. Bill Schneider, -46:55.2;
Age 70-79 Men 10Km
1. Ray Halderman, NSCF-44:42.1;
2. Owen Hanley, NSCF-44:46.5;
Results by Gender
High School and Adult Women 7.5Km
1. Kaya Ratzlaff, 25:23.3;
2. Maggie Druckenmiller, 26:03.5;
3. Maggie Whitaker, 26:21.5;
4. Emma Jerome, 26:47.6;
5. Hilary Saucy, 27:00.0;
6. Davya Flaharty, 27:09.5;
7. Zoe Ratzlaff, 27:59.4;
8. Donna DiFolco, 28:19.2;
9. Peyton Presler, 28:50.4;
10. Clare Hanneman, 29:47.5;
11. Cora Delaca, 30:42.9;
12. Hanna Wuttig, 31:02.5;
13. Sharon Baker, 31:22.3;
14. Laura Mayo, 34:18.3;
15. Kristen Abramowicz, 35:54.0;
16. Amy Mayo, 36:00.6;
17. Abigail Arens, 37:34.2;
18. Winona Grab, 38:55.8;
19. Annika Swanson, 39:44.7;
20. Lynneva Carrol, 41:48.9;
21. Skye McCaa, 44:38.4;
High School and Adult Men 10Km
1. Ti Donaldson, 27:44.8;
2. Logan Mowry, 28:22.5;
3. Ari Endestad, 28:49.8;
4. Vladimir Smirnov, 29:30.8;
5. Rhys Yates, 29:35.6;
6. Dale Baurick, 30:16.2;
7. Sam Delamere, 30:17.2;
8. Hans Personius, 30:25.0;
9. Jonathan Burrell, 30:25.8;
10. Alton Denton, 30:38.9;
11. Eric Difolco, 30:56.9;
12. Jack Cater, 31:08.0;
13. Nolan Earnest, 31:15.6;
14. Jordan Laker-Morris, 31:32.4;
15. Luke Buth, 31:34.5;
16. Thomas Bueler, 31:44.8;
17. Chandler Wappett, 32:21.5;
18. Andrew Stringfellow, 32:34.5;
19. Parker Stoltz, 32:50.0;
20. David Ebel, 34:15.6;
21. Jack Winford, 34:38.5;
22. Max Kaufman, 35:00.2;
23. Lars O`Hara, 35:39.7;
24. Lars Vinlove, 36:13.5;
25. Nate Sanches, 36:34.4;
26. Alex Olson, 37:05.1;
27. Bad Bob Baker, 37:27.0;
28. Ben Kassof, 37:28.5;
29. Beren Vonnahme, 37:33.7;
30. Kellen Osborn, 39:51.8;
31. Ben Kahoe, 40:27.4;
32. Jonathan Ebel, 41:03.8;
33. Richard Collins, 43:20.0;
34. Martin Truffer, 44:27.6;
35. Eric Troyer, 44:32.1;
36. Ray Halderman, 44:42.1;
37. Owen Hanley, 44:46.5;
38. Josiah Liddell, 45:26.7;
39. Travis Brase, 46:40.3;
40. Bill Schneider, 46:55.2;