2018 Alaska Coffee Roasting Company
54th Annual Turkey Day Relays

This is a low-key event held each year the day after Thanksgiving, giving everyone a chance to work off some of the previous day’s gluttony. Relay teams consist of three people, and anyone who can ski 4 kilometers is sure to enjoy this great event! You are encouraged to wear silly costumes and come up with goofy team names.

Registration is now open for the 54th Annual Alaska Coffee Roasting Company Turkey Day Relays, presented by Beaver Sports.  Race day is Friday, November 23.

For 2018, all registration is online – no more paper forms. One skier registers the team name, pays the entry fee, and enters his or her own data. The second and third skiers to register for the team need to go to the same URL and register. When they start the process they will be asked to select a team from a dropdown list, then will complete the individual registration process. The second and third skiers to register do not pay a fee when they register.

CLICK HERE to go to online registration the Turkey Day Relays.

This year the races will be held in free technique.  The 3 x 1Km race for grades K-1-2-3-4 starts at 11AM, the Grade 5-6-7-8 3 x 2Km race starts at 11:45AM, and the 3 x 4Km for high school and adult skiers begins at 12:45PM.

The NSCF Turkey Day Relays are sponsored by…