60th Annual Turkey Day Relays
sponsored by
Beaver Sports
Friday, November 24, 2023

This is a low-key event held each year the day after Thanksgiving, giving everyone a chance to work off some of the previous day’s gluttony. Relay teams consist of three people, and anyone who can ski is sure to enjoy this great event! You are encouraged to wear silly costumes and come up with goofy team names.

Registration is now open for the 60th Annual Turkey Day Relays, presented by Beaver Sports. All registration is online.

Registration Rules:

Age Class Assignment: For teams comprising school students (K-12), the team’s class is determined by the highest grade of any member of the team. For adult classes, the team’s class is determined by the youngest member of the team. For teams comprising school students and adults, the team will be assigned to the Open classes. See the race page on the NSCF website for a full list of classes.

Team Captain: The Team Captain is the primary contact person for the team in the event there are questions or changes, and their contact information must be provided on the form below. All individual team members will be assigned on the following pages.

Registration for all team members is completed by one person. That person fills out the group and the individual registration information, and pays the registration fee for the whole team.

Unknown Racer: Registration cannot be submitted and paid for without a full team (3 racers). If the person registering the team does not yet have a full team, unknown racers should be listed as follows:

  • First Name: Unknown
  • Last Name: Racer
  • Date of birth: 1/1/2023

Identification of Unknown Racers: Team Captains must notify the race Registrar (contact info included in confirmation email) no later than 5pm on 11/23/2023 of the name, date of birth, and grade/age of any unknown racers on their team.

Changes to registration information (names, ages, team name, relay leg #, etc) must be communicated to the race Registrar (contact info included in confirmation email) no later than 5pm on 11/23/2023.

Event Rules:

  1. Teams consist of three individuals – there are no solo age classes
  2. Teams of less than three skiers may enter but they will not be listed in results, nor are they eligible for awards


    Registration Rules:

    CLICK HERE to go to online registration for the Turkey Day Relays.


This year’s race will be held in Free Technique.

2021-22 Season Free Technique
2022-23 Season Classic Technique
2023-24 Season Free Technique
2024-25 Season Classic Technique

Start Times and Distances

  • Grades K-1-2-3-4  –  3 x 1Km – 11:00AM
  • Grades 5-6-7-8  –  3 x 2Km –  11:45AM
  • High School and Adult Men and Women  –  3 x 4Km –  12:45PM

All teams, whether they are male teams, female teams or mixed male & female teams start at the designated start times for each distance

Bib Pickup

Pick up bibs in Rikke’s Roadhouse, the small cabin on the W side of the stadium, between 9:30AM and 12:15PM.  To keep the number of people in Rikke’s Roadhouse to a minimum, ONE PERSON will pick up bibs for the ENTIRE TEAM.


  • Grade K-1-2 Boys,  Grade K-1-2 Girls, Grade K-1-2 Mixed
  • Grade 3-4 Boys,  Grade 3-4 Girls, Grade 3-4 Mixed
  • Grade 5-6 Boys,  Grade 5-6 Girls, Grade 5-6 Mixed
  • Grade 7-8 Boys,  Grade 7-8 Girls, Grade 7-8 Mixed
  • High School Boys,  High School Girls, High School Mixed
  • Open Men, Open Women, Open Mixed
  • 30-39 Men, 30-39 Women, 30-39 Mixed
  • 40-49 Men, 40-49 Women, 40-49 Mixed
  • 50 and Older Men, 50 and Older Women, 50 and Older Mixed

A team’s class in the scholastic classes, is determined by the highest grade of any one team member.

A team’s class in the adult classes is determined by the youngest age of any one team member



The NSCF Turkey Day Relays are sponsored by Beaver Sports