Touring information for the 2017-2018 season is available here: 2017-18 NSCF Tour Schedule

The Touring Program offers a variety of cross-country experiences on area trails depending on who signs up to lead a tour. Most tours are on snowmachine trails, but a few are on local groomed trails. Although the Birch Hill Recreation Area offers some of the best skiing in the nation, the Fairbanks area has other incredible opportunities for cross-country skiing. Our winters are wonderfully long. Spend them exploring the area!

Anyone with good basic classic ski skills who is curious about local trails or just likes to ski at a relaxed pace with other relaxed skiers is welcome to join us! (Some tours require more advanced skills, but that will be noted on the schedule.)

When: Tours are usually on a weekend. They generally aren’t scheduled very far in advance, so regularly check the NSCF Facebook page or the Touring calendar on the NSCF Calendar.

Where: Tours start in a variety of locations. That’s the point! We include a description of the tour and the meeting location on the calendar.

How Much: Free! (But you need to be an NSCF member.)

Reports: See Tour Reports or the club’s Facebook page 

For more information, please contact the Touring coordinator.