Virtual Training Program



Welcome to Virtual Training!

Please take a minute to watch this short video and read some important details on the training program:

• Print your plan out, or hand-write it & post it on the fridge! This will make it much more likely you follow the plan.

• Modify your plan as much as you need, replace easy skis / runs with easy bike rides, hikes, paddles; do what you love!

• IF / WHEN you modify make sure you keep your hard days hard, and easy days easy! You can modify the means in which you workout as much as you want but try to stick to the plan as closely as possible when it comes to effort levels

• Try to always get in your 2 strength workouts, 1 interval workout, and 1 longer workout each week

• Keep me updated on your progress by filling out your training plan!

• When working out more then once a day, try to have at least 5 hours in between workouts

• Have fun!